typical day-to-day massacre has to do with 120 pigs. The Condemned product and also byproducts from the abattoir for disposal is about 1000 kgs.daily

– – Burner capacity of destruction of 350 kg/hour, calorific worth of waste will certainly be 13-25 MJ/kg

[3,500 kcal/kg] and optimal warm capacity 1,225,000 kcal/hr.

– – Incinerator damage ability will certainly be 8.4 tons/day and operation time will certainly be 24 human resources. / day.

– – Waste will be through automatic feeding system directly into the incinerator.

-The temperature level will certainly regulated in blood flow and portion in oxygen, combustion gas is re-burned

in the re-combustion [additional] chamber at a temperature of minimum 1,100 C throughout 2 minutes.

– – Control panel will certainly be fitted with a practical synoptic view showing the working situation of the entire

burner and also managed by DCS/PLC system.

– – TOC of slag in addition to bottom ashes will certainly be less 3% of their dry weight.

– – Setup will be completely free from noticeable smoke.

– – Burner will certainly be designed as a Packaged system, having electrical link pre-wired and last pipes

set up.

– – Incinerator will have automated de-ashing system with upward direction.

– – Burner will have flue gas therapy system inclusive [emergency by-pass stack, gas air conditioning system,

2 activators and also particulates filtering system] and assurance of emissions out of incinerator.

– – Training of AKU personnels at site.

– – Site may be evaluated and examine existing ATI maker, capacity 150 kg/hr. In 1 day procedure.

– – Present infrastructure room is easily available in basement, 100′ Length x 30′ big x 20′ Elevation for second Incinerator.

– – Present smokeshaft size is 12 meter, and also width is 24″ dia.

– – Existing smokeshaft size is 12 meter, and also width is 24″ dia.